The Tiny Plastic Horn That Will Ruin The World Cup

Posted: June 11, 2010 by billyd in Sports

That terrible sound you’ll be hearing over the next few weeks is the vuvuzela, which Dash described last year as “South Africa’s answer to the Thunderstick.” His story is below. If you’ve watched the Confederations Cup, you have no doubt been annoyed by the mysterious buzzing sound that drowns out even the TV announcers. Well, get used to it, because that sound will haunt you throughout next year’s World Cup.

The sound is from the vuvuzela, South Africa’s answer to the Thunderstick. By itself, it’s just a small plastic trumpet that probably cost less than a dollar to make and creates no known musical notes. But when thousands of people toot them simultaneously, you get a loud, incessant hum that makes the entire stadium sound like it’s being attacked by angry bees. It’s a staple at any South African soccer match and … surprise! Everyone hates it!

via Deadspin Classic: The Tiny Plastic Horn That Will Ruin The World Cup.


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